Scratch & Dint

Bumper Bar Scratch or Scrape

Repair one scratch or scrape up to 450mm in length and 20mm in depth. Excluding lights, metal bumper bars, Chrome finishes, decals and internal structural damage including mounting brackets, damage to lights or headlight covers, damage to any electrical or mechanical mechanism for example reversing sensors, washer jets or any item / accessory equivalent.

Deep Scratch

Repair one paint chip or deep scratches down to the metal surface up to 25mm in diameter on any vertical painted metal panel. (One panel per repair).

Body Pressure Dent

Repair one pressure dent up to 50mm in diameter on any flat single panel where the paint has not been chipped or damaged. (excludes dents on style lines and metal folds, edges, corner and dents where there is not sufficient access to rear of panel).

Alloy Wheel Scrapes

Repair one alloy wheel scratch or scrape by repairing damaged area. Excluding machine, chrome finished or powder coated alloy wheels and structural damage to the wheel. We do not guarantee an exact colour match when repainting any alloy wheel.

Surface Scratch

Repair surface scratches on up to 5 panels that have not cut through the clear coat.

Side Mirror Scratch or Scrape

Repair paint scratches or scuffs on side mirror casing. (excludes chrome finished casings, lights and structural damage). 1 mirror casing per repair.

Body Kit Scratch or Scrape

Repair one Scratch or Scrape up to 450mm in size on any plastic side skirts and bumper strip.